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A team of engineers from Bahria University Islamabad with different specialities working on the startup of Brain Controlled Massage Stretcher for paralyzed patients

Abdul Basit

Our Skills

Team Work

Mr Abdul Basit (CEO MedInno Pvt Ltd)

Electrical Engineer from Bahria University Islamabad and also a member of BIC(Business Innovation Center). He used his idea of BCMS(Brain Controlled Massage Stretcher) in his final year project and than this idea got selected in planning commission of Pakistan via BIC and awarded with seed grant of pkr 0.5 million. Now he is designing an actual product of BCMS to help paralyzed patients all over the world to serve humanity.

What We Do


In a current world we see that there are large number of people that are fully paralyzed but still there mind works properly and they can understand what is happening around them currently they use different technologies which give physically impaired the ability to move around. So basically our project is for these kinds of patients with the help of which they will be able to control themselves with their mind power. They will not be dependent on others from now onwards. For that we try to design a massage stretcher which is fully automated and control using meditation wave (also known as human brain attention wave) using Mind wave sensor which detect brain signal and we also uses Arduino to do it.In our system the option of thermal massage is also available if a patient wants to take thermal massage they can get.We will also use voice recognition technology ang EMG sensors for making our product more accurate and efficient.

Social Impact

Now a days we see that paralyzed patients are increasing day by day due to obvious reasons and the attendant take care of them are becoming less. So in a condition like these this device is very useful. Also it is economical as compared to a life time attendant. And easy to use when you want it .You can easily adjust the speed of massager by adjusting the speed of motor. Our device also ensures safety measurements so in short it help people with total paralysis to massage without any muscle stress hence making their life much easier. The scope of the project is very high as it is very easy to use. In a state like Pakistan where the poverty rate is very high no one can afford a caretaker for the life time so in a condition like this our machine is quite economical. Also our plus point is that this idea is new and unique so for obvious reasons as discussed above it will attract others.

Targeted community/group/people

Paralyzed patients who are fully handicapped and are on bed all the time suffering from Bedsores.

Paralyzed male/female patients who feel shy/uncomfortable to take massage from other people.

It can be used by patients suffering from temporary paralysis (more commonly referred to as periodic paralysis) or Partial paralyzed patients.

It can also be used in hospitals and care taking centers.

Our Team

Abdul Basit

CEO of MedInno Pvt Ltd

Electrical Engineer from Bahria University Islamabad. Also a member of BIC(Business Innovation Center).

Muhammad Ishtiaq

IT Developer

Software Engineer from Comsats University Islamabad with more than 2 years of professional experience in the world of Information and Technology.

Ali Qasim Khan


Assistant Manager of BIC, Bahria University Islamabad

Mehar Ul Hassan


Manager of BIC, Bahria University Islamabad

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